Miss Neena De Ville
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I am Mistress Neena, an elite Dominatrix based in New York City.


Everyone has it, or a part of ourselves that we have tried to bury but is so inherent that it torments us until we let it out.

It is a need. Maybe for you it is a need to let go of control… 

/or it is a need to be useful. 

/a need to crossdress. 

/a need to explore taboos.

/a need to be consumed by alpha female energy.

/a need to be humiliated

/or a need  ........                        

For Mistress Neena, it cannot just be summed up by a need to dominate. As a dominant empath, she is deeply fulfilled by composing personalized experiences that untether you from the outside world, freeing you from the judgement that exists there. Through trust, discipline, sadomasochism, bondage, role-play, seduction and other mischief, she will crack you open to strip away your mask. Lay yourself bare at her feet. Only then will you find yourself blissfully in the present. 

Let’s play.