Miss Neena De Ville




I am thankful to have fallen into the hands of such an understanding yet devious dominatrix. You have opened my mind to exploring new kinks which is a reflection of your experience and charisma as a Domme. As a newcomer I was a little nervous, but our session instilled a mutual trust that is essential to an enjoyable experience. You are the epitome of a Goddess and deserve to be worshipped like one. I am forever submissive to you and your every demand. 

/Little G/




I first met Mistress Neena in London 3 years ago. Initially attracted by her natural beauty, I quickly understood how warm and welcoming she is. Over the years I have developed a deep bond with Mistress Neena, both in and out of role play. Mistress Neena is an extremely wise and insightful woman, well beyond her tender years. Without doubt her greatest strengths are her empathy and emotional intelligence and she brings an enormous amount of creativity to her sessions. A session with Mistress Neena is a wonderful and powerful experience and you will never feel so alive as you will be when you are with her.

/A longtime submissive and friend/




My experience with Mistress Neena was something out of my dreams. I’ve never had the chance to play with a pro domme before Mistress Neena.  I was a little nervous the first time but after meeting her, she made me feel comfortable about what my kinks are and what I wanted to try in the session. She is incredibly beautiful and has a very demanding side to her as well! Being a submissive for her was a surreal experience and I hope I’m lucky enough to get another session with her!

/Submissive Mike/




Thank you so much for the privilege of spending time with you. Your beauty, intelligence, and warmth are a lethal combination that has me begging for tour acceptance of my submission.