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I’m looking to take on a part time slave assistant to help me with the running of my dungeon, business and helping with personal chores.

I am only considering a true service oriented submissive who is able to commit to serving me for 6 - 12 hours weekly.  I am open to training inexperienced slaves, however it will not be an easy journey. I expect an incredible amount of hard work, obedience and personal sacrifice. In return, you have the chance to earn my attention, affection and to build an incredible D/s bond.

This is not a trade. I am not offering  X amount of time sessioning for X amount of service time.  However, if you are around, you will be used and played with at my discretion. Sometimes I need to sharpen certain BDSM skills and will use you for practice, other times I’m just in a kinky, play mood and you’ll be the lucky sub within arms reach who gets to experience that. But it should never be expected. If you would like to session in a specific way/time, you will be expected to pay. 

Letting a submissive this close to me is not something I am taking lightly. Many of the tasks you will eventually be asked to do are highly personal… as you can imagine, my trust will have to be earned and is paramount to the relationship. 

If you are interested, please apply below.  

Priority may be given to submissive who:

  • Are available during weekdays (especially Mondays) **

  • Have a laptop that you can bring with you when requested.

  • Enjoy chastity and are open to pushing their kink boundaries.

  • Are able to occasionally pay for my errands (dry cleaning, shoe repair etc.)

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